Through the Student Lens - 2017

Just a small sample of the images to be seen at Image City taken by high school students. The show opens March 21 with an opening reception March 24. The show ends April 15th. Don’t miss it.

The Community Project

A few of my fellow photography friends and I have decided to focus on different interpretations of “community” as a long term project. I chose to work in the South Wedge and to try and display this wonderful community photographically.

Elements of the ROC

I have been with Image City for most of 8 years, yet this is the first time I have felt confident enough of my work to present a wall show!  If you are in Rochester or visiting Rochester during the month of October, please stop by the Gallery. This selection of images was carefully choosen from over 300 pieces and I’m very proud of it.

The Couch Project Continues

The couch project continues with a little twist. This time we asked complete strangers to share a seat.


The Couch Project

The Couch Project started as a way to promote my daughters new business, Revival Vintage Rental, which rents vintage furniture for weddings, photo shoots, parties, etc. We decided to bring a couch to several parts of the city and shoot ramdom people enjoying a seat on a nice couch. So far we’ve been to the beach, the woods, Xerox tower, the Charlotte pier, and most recently, the Jazz Festival downtown. These shots were taken there.

Silo City - Buffalo

Silo City: Vertical will take you to the top of the American and Perot grain elevator complexes. Approximately two and half hours in length, you will experience all of the history and mechanics of the grain elevator, as well as the malt production process in the Perot malthouse on this in-depth tour. A look at some of the regenerative projects ongoing at Silo City is included.

Photographs for Advertising

So a friend of mine and I decided to try out some adveertising photography. My daughter has just opened a vintage furniture rental business in conjunction with a another women who rents vintage clothing (Jane Vintage) here in Rochester, NY. We hired a professional model and found some fitting dresses at Jane Vintage and off we went on a day long shoot. It was great fun, but hot and very tiring lugging that sofa all over town. Here are a few samples.

My daughter’s shop if you’re interested; http://www/

Great Portraits with Minimal Equipment

Taking a portrait is an amazing journey for a photographer. It’s much different than any other type of photography. I think many photographers rule out doing portraits because they think that they need a lot of equipment. Kent DuFault wrote a great blog post this week that shows don’t need a lot of equipment to create successful portraits! Read the blog post here-


Photograph by Kent DuFault

Rokinon 12mm Fisheye Lens

This is a great full frame fisheye lens that is made for Canon and Nikon camera bodies. Check out a full review of this lens here.

Catch Up!

It’s been a while since I posted. I got lost again. Rather than trying to make up a story, I am going to post several images I took over the past 6 months.

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