About Me


Formerly a Math teacher, in 1990 I became the first Technology Integration Teacher in New York State. For the next seventeen years I taught teachers how to incorporate technology into their instructional strategies and students how to use technology as a tool to learn and publish their accomplishments.

Photography is a natural motivator for kids. My students and I used some of the very early digital cameras and enjoyed the evolution of them as they captured images of people, bugs, architecture, science experiments, and much more. I was fascinated with how even reluctant students would write volumes about the images they captured as if they were compelled to explain what this little slice of time meant to them.

I retired in 2006 and decided to take my own interest in photography to the next level and I've been learning and practicing ever since. I enjoy photographing everything, always looking for that image that clearly defines a person, a place, or a thing.  Often it’s just capturing an image that describes an ordinary thing in an extraordinary manner.

I have been a Partner at Image City Photography Gallery on University Ave., Rochester, NY, for the past 8 years and I enjoy making mostly architectural images, but occasionally strays into some street work and portraiture.

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